There is nothing like handcrafted soap bars.  Our large variety of coffee soap, beer soap and goat milk soap are great for all skin types.

At The Naked Mermaid Soapery, we formulate luxury skin care products using organic ingredients that your skin craves. All products are made in our facility and handcrafted by me.

My name is Stephanie and I am happy you have chosen to visit our store. We offer a wide range of produts to pamper yourself or make the perfect gift.

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All natural skin loving products

Every product is formulated to bring you the best quality at an affordable price. No synthetic ingredients, cruelty free and better for your skin.

  • Body butters contain moisturizing cocoa butter, shea butter, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, Argan Oil and a pleasant scent combination.  Several scents to choose from.

    Body Butter

    Our body butter is unlike the others. Made with skin loving butters to not only hydrate your skin but absorb quikly, leaving silKy, nourished skin.

  • Soap bar Cloud with hints of vanilla, sandalwood and magnolias.  Manufactured by the naked mermaid soapery.  Visit us in store or on our website.

    Soap Bars

    Each of our soap bars are created to not strip your skin but provide an amazing lather. Using high quality oils and butters, we also use goat's milk, beer and coffee to provide a wide range of luxury soap.

  • Bath Bombs

    Our bath bombs are handcrafted and made by hand. Using luxurious Cocoa Butter to help you create a relaxing bath while hydrating your skin.

  • Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs


    Here at The Naked Mermaid Soapery, we have formulated two beautiful sugar scrubs to help you exfoliate your skin and give you the fabulous, nourishing skin you crave. 

    Choose between a whipped sugar scrub and an emulsified sugar scrub

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