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Let's be honest

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We always want to be transparent and communicate any challenges we continue to see. We value our customers and hope you see the value in our small business.  We love the face to face experience in store shopping brings. We also love that customers all over the US enjoy our products.

Whether you shop in our store or the various stores that carry our brand, we want to see YOU. 

With the current  economic conditions — whether pricing, supply chain, and lack of in store shopping, they have begun to affect our bottom line,  so we are sharing  this  information with you. 

“Lean into the things that draw customers to small businesses in the first place: the personal experience and sense of community,” is what most advise. This is why we are not  afraid to peel the curtain back a bit and explain the ‘why’ behind the current changes we are having to make to in store hours, inventory and online shopping. We hope,  YOU our customers will rally behind us as we make some crucial changes.



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